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The Sales Manager's Manual
Jack D. Wilner


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"7 Secrets to Successful Sales Management is an easy to read approach to managing people. It is also a valuable book on leadership, training and motivation that no sales manager should be without."
George L. Morrissey, author of Morrissey on Planning

"7 Secrets to Successful Sales Management shows what must be done within our sales forces, given the uncertain environment that we face. It gives specific suggestions for improvement so that sales managers can succeed at work through their sales force and other partners. Highly recommend this book."
Teri Marks, New York

"A clear and concise course geared to excellence and success. Vignettes, quotes and mnemonic devices make this book an interesting experience. A must read for every sales force"
Linda S. Pevar, Florida

"7 Secrets to Successful Sales Management is an outstanding book for everyone from the CEO of a company as well as everyone on his sales team. Notice that today it is not just a sales force or staff, it is the sales team working together to achieve those important goals of the company. Yes, goal setting is one of the secrets and many salespeople need to improve their skill of setting goals and objectives. This book not only sets out the 7 key secrets, but it also puts these principles into action in part 2."



   7 Secrets to Successful Sales Management: The Sales Manager's Manual

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