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salesbook.gif (4745 bytes)  This motivational and highly practical book bridges the old world of sales management and the new challenges faced in today's sales climate.

   Making plenty of room for new ideas, 7 Secrets to Successful Sales Management provides a litany of successful secrets that can be implemented through the 21st century—dealing with personal and professional vision, leadership capability, effective goal setting, insightful recruitment techniques, capable training, and outstanding motivation.

   There is a revolution taking place in sales management. The sales industry is undergoing rapid change, and those who can’t face up to its demands and challenges will fall by the wayside.

   Success in sales management now requires a solid foundation in traditional sales techniques as well as a thorough understanding of "new" ideas such as goal setting, coaching and vision-based leadership.

   7 Secrets to Successful Sales Management is your practical, hands-on guide to sales management in the 2000s. It presents an integrated approach to sales management and combines the author’s years of management experience with innovative new strategies for motivating your sales force, recruiting quality salespeople and training new employees.

   There are hundreds of books out there on sales, but 7 Secrets to Successful Sales Management is one of the few aimed directly at the most critical person in the sales organization: the sales manager. It’s written by a grizzled veteran who has reflected on his success and learned from his mistakes. Nothing in this book is theoretical. It’s all based on one thing and one thing only—what works!

"This book is a rarity in flashy world of sales training.  I have lived the life of hard-nosed selling for over 30 years, managing people who sell, and training both the salesperson and the sales manager. There are a lot of phonies out there who have never sold anything in the business world, but yet they are out there peddling books that were written for them and tapes that were prepared for their motivational speeches."
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