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Jack Wilner, Coach, Consultant and AuthorGreat sales leaders and managers are not born ... they're developed!


In today's fast paced business environment, one of the key business strategies available is executive coaching. It is a tremendous opportunity because executive coaching is the single most powerful tool for ensuring that an organization's business strategy is translated into employee behaviors that distinguish him or her -- and the organization -- from the competition.

Do you have -

  • high achievers that need nurturing and are involved in organizational change?
  • senior executives who perform well but have rough edges?
  • minorities and / or women who need guidance in moving up in your company?
  • management teams that need coaching to help change the organizational culture?

If you have anyone of the above needs contact us so that we can provide -

  • A situational approach to executive coaching that is not theoretical. The executive and coach need help in addressing your individual employees and the needs of the company.
  • A confidential environment - professional coaches will know enough about a situation to help your employee so the company will be able to trust the coach.
  • The necessary involvement of all parties - the employee, his boss and other appropriate parties will want to participate.

Now what are the outcomes/ultimate benefits of executive coaching?

First, it eliminates the confusion about what coaching is…

…the process of improving skills by helping an executive gain insights into their actions through discussion, observation, feedback, demonstration, presentation and review.

Furthermore it creates a consensus about the organization's definition and fosters the executives' ownership of responsibility.

Second, it helps executives overcome the Generation Gap by -

  • educating them about the new fast paced business environment
  • equipping them to coach their employees to meet the customer's complex needs.

And finally, the Executive Coaching Payoff -

  • a common focus on strategic and developmental objectives
  • improved training effectiveness
  • increased success with customers.

   Whether it's in a one-on-one coaching session or training your entire executive team, expert Jack Wilner gives his clients and audiences the ability to:

  • increase sales and profits
  • reduce turnover
  • recruit, retain and motivate the best employees
  • develop a foundation of ethics and high standards of quality

   No one develops people better than Jack Wilner. He works closely with your executives to develop the tools, style and mindset they need to thrive in the new millennium. Get Jack on your side today and discover what the world's most respected companies have already learned.

   Call Jack at 336-282-4051 today. Or email him now at Jack@7salessecrets.com

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